The bishop speaks out

Martin Luther King Rally, Denver

On 16th Jan 2012 Bishop Andudu gave a speech about the peace and devastating War in Sudan to thousands of people who attended the celebrations of Dr Martin Luther King, the hero of freedom, equality, justice and peace, in the city of Denver Colorado.

The Governor of the State of Colorado and other dignitaries from the state government attended the celebration and they encouraged people for the unity and education and freedom.  This was a colourful public holiday.

As the chairman of Advocacy Task Force committee and bishop of the Diocese of Kadugli, Andudu reminded Americans and other nations who were present that Dr Martin Luther King did not die only for Americans but for all marginalized people around the world who are looking and fighting for freedom, equality, justice and peace  This includes people, such as those of Nuba Mountains (South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Darfur, Abyei, and people of Eastern Sudan) and all other marginalized people in Sudan and other nations in the Globe.

He asked the people to stand up for the marginalized people of Sudan, especially at this time because the world is silent as if there is nothing happening yet children and women are killed and die every day.

Sudan needs help to stop the ethnic cleansing, bombardment and mass killings.  The government of Sudan must allow humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the war. Marginalized nations in Sudan needs freedom, justice and peace.

Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail Chairman of the advocacy and bishop of Diocese of Kadugli